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 Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)

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PostSubject: Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)   Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:30 pm

Name (Last, First): Hashimoto, Ichigo
Nicknames: Ichi, 'Chigo(Usually used by her parents, but others may use them as well)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Neutral, doesn't know about Guardians but knows about Easter

Appearance: Ichigo has long black hair in two pigtails that curl slightly at the bottom and bangs that almost touch her eyes. She could be described as cute if that stoic and emotionless face wasn't there, and her light brown eyes are filled with numbness too. Outside if school, her signature outfit includes of a maroon-ish shirt with sleeves to her elbows, a black vest along with a burgundy skirt, black leggings and brown, leather boots, but she wears other outfits too. Ichigo's Seiyo uniform is altered a bit, her sleeves rolled up much like Rika's, but after that everything else is pretty much the same.

Personality: Ichigo personality is a lot like Rima's cold mask, but it's actually her true personality. Though, she doesn't make harsh or rude comments and is really "emotionless", she can't classify as a tsundere. She takes everything as if it's a daily part of life, as if she is used to it. Ichigo is very polite as if she is at a business meeting. She treats others as things that were always there, not paying attention to them really. All in all, she's pretty much like Hikaru.

History (His/Her life Story): "She was once a happy baby," was what her parents would admit to others when they question Ichigo's antics. Ichigo did in fact used to be a very delightful child, until one day it seemed that her joyful laughs were just taken away from her. Everything she did was too mature for a kid her age at that time and her parents were always worried for her, even taking her to therapy once. After taking her there, the therapist admitted this: "She says she isn't happy anymore because there's nothing to be happy about." Back to a regular and non-dramatic back-story, Ichigo was born in Tokyo to Hashimoto Aika and Kurou, having one older sister who was then currently two years old. Now, her sister is in 7th grade and also goes to Seiyo. Even though her family would always be there for her, Ichigo never tried to get close to them, but rather watches them from a distance. Her life being like that, she always found time to do stuff "normal" people wouldn't usually do, like reading a whole dictionary, an encyclopedia and reading almost half the "Young Adults'" section at the library.

What color they speak in: This ccoolloorr~A.K.A #cc0937 A.K.A That cool burgundy color
Like(s): Sweets, anime/manga, being left alone, descriptive language, books
Dislike(s): people with bad grammar, any physical contact(hugging, etc. Though, shaking hands is fine), being left alone for a long time
Hobbie(s): Memorizing the dictionary/encyclopedia, daydreaming, reading, playing piano
Fear(s): Being left alone forever, being disliked
Strengths: Can withstand even the most annoying person(Well, can try to), very smart brightintelligent
Weaknesses: Can be a bit of a smart-alec, doesn't show feelings so people don't know what she feels about things

Goal/Motivation: To feel positive emotions/to be her once-self
Job: Seiyo student
Favorite Class: Science, Reading, anything that is academic
Most Hated Class: Phys. Ed

Parent(s): Hashimoto Aika(mom), Hashimoto Kuruo(dad)
Sibling(s): Hashimoto Ru(older sister)
Relative(s): None that we know of *shrug*
Pet(s): None

Guardian Characters:
Guardian Chara(s): Sachiko
Guardian Chara(s) Appearance: Sachiko has long, blonde hair that's tied in high pigtails with an cream-colored bow with white lace atop her head. She wears a overcoat of the same color with two darker-colored bows on the shoulder. Under that is a white undercoat. Wearing white tights, Sachiko's shoes are lace-up ballet shoes that are a beige color. Her bright blue eyes are very noticeable because of her outfit.
Guardian Chara(s)Personality(ies): Sachiko is pretty much the opposite of Ichigo, being very cheerful and optimistic. She is always happy, but can have some sad feelings too, though not a lot. Most of the time she acts childlike too. Being the antonym of Ichigo, she is always dramatically depressed when she sees Ichigo's reaction when trying to make her be happy.
Guardian Chara(s) Born From: The want to feel positive emotions, mainly happy and to be naive and innocent(or in Ichigo's words, ingenuous)
What color they speak in: This ccoolloorr~A.K.A #ff9966 A.K.A I guess grapefruit

Character Change:
w/ Sachiko
Accessory: Dark brown bows appear in Ichigo's pigtails as if they were tied with them
Abilities: Sometimes a long, white, unbreakable ribbon appears in Ichigo's hand and she uses this to tie it around people and drag them like a dog. Other times, she uses this as a mere plaything or whip.
Personality: Suddenly, a sweet smile appears on Ichigo's face, and she becomes her once-self, a happy child full of emotion. She gets a little hyperactive and when wanted to be listened to by another, she carefully ties her ribbon around their waist and drags them around. She has the sudden want to please the others around her, much like a young kid would do. A catch-phrase she always says at the end of her sentences is "Kawaii!"(cute)

Character Transformation/Chara-nari: Sweet Locket
Transformation's Abilities/Powers: Can use people's happiness and delight in a light-orbish form and attack, yet this surprisingly doesn't purify X-Eggs.
Appearace In Guardian Character's Form: Ichigo wears a beige lolita dress with an overload of lace and ribbons. In her hair are still the same white bows, except they have two lilies along in her head since they signify purity. She has three layers of skirts, all of them having a white, rufflely trim. On her feet are dark brown stockings that go a bit below her knees and beige Mary-Janes.
Transformation's Personality: A lot like her Character Change, Ichigo becomes very happy and optimistic. A catch-phrase she always seems to say is, "Aw, that's so cute!"
What color they type in:This ccoolloorr~ A.K.A #ffcc99 A.K.A That shade that's the same color as Ichigo's Chara Nari dress

Favorite Food(s): Dango(a bit like dumplings)
Favorite Color(s): Burgundy and maroon
Favorite Season(s): Winter, since she can stay inside and memorize like, five dictionaries and books.

Character: Aw, none
Guardian Character(s): Welp, none either
Guardians Character Egg(s): Sachiko's egg--  It's gotta be one of these...
Character Transformation(s):  I honestly don't know where this comes from. Also, change some things, like adding the two white lilies in her hair and replacing the girl with Ichigo.

Extra: Ichigo's older sister, Ru, has a chara too, though Ichigo doesn't know because Ru thinks that she can't see her chara so Ru hides her.

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PostSubject: Re: Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)   Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:17 pm

Looks good! Though you might want to add a few more dislikes. I know it sounds weird that I'm asking that, but I doubt that the only thing she dislikes is people with bad grammar. Other than that, it looks fine!

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PostSubject: Re: Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:15 am

Yay, thanks! I added more dislikes, so that means I'm approved now?
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PostSubject: Re: Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)   

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Hashimoto, Ichigo(Ready for Approval)
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