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PostSubject: Chiba Nanase   Chiba Nanase I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 25, 2014 12:37 am

Name (Last, First): Chiba, Nanase
Nicknames: Nana-chan, Nase, Chiba-san
Age: 12 (Sixth-year)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Guardians

Appearance: Nanase has long, dark brown hair and green eyes. She usually has her hair down, but she will occasionally put it up in different styles. She wears the traditional Seiyo Academy uniform, but with a black cardigan instead of a blazer. She sometimes wears the red Guardians cape, but she often refuses to wear it. She has on white socks that go just above her knees and black mary-janes. When she's not wearing her uniform, she likes to wear fashionable outfits.

Personality: Nanase is a very cheerful girl. She is almost never seen without a smile on her face. She is very outgoing and quick to share her opinions. She is well liked because she is so nice to everyone. At least, she's usually nice to everyone. She often doesn't think before speaking, causing her to offend people often. She doesn't mean to do it. She is an optimistic and encouraging person. She is at her happiest when the people around her are happy, and the reason she paints is to make others feel happy. She can be a bit quirky sometimes. Her passion is painting and drawing, and she is constantly looking for something to draw. She usually carries a sketchbook with her.

History (His/Her life Story): When she was very little, she would always get in trouble for writing on the walls. Her response was always "But I just love to draw pretty pictures!" That year for her birthday, her parents gave her a sketchbook. That was when she really started to draw. She was drawing all the time. She progressively got better and better until she was always being complimented on her drawings. After that, she began to paint. That was what she really enjoyed. She would draw a sketch in her sketchbook, then recreate it in a painting.

What color they speak in: #ff99ff Pink
Like(s): Painting, talking, making others happy, her family, her friends
Dislike(s): When others aren't happy, having artist's block, her art being insulted
Friend(s): Okada Riko (childhood friend)
Hobbie(s): Painting, singing (though she's not very good at it), hanging out with friends
Fear(s): That people will lose interest in her paintings and she won't be able to make them happy.
Strengths: Fantastic artist, strong will, sociable
Weaknesses: Naive, stubborn, sometimes doesn't take things as seriously as she should
Enemies: Easter

Goal/Motivation: To make people happy with her art.
Favorite Class: Art
Most Hated Class: Gym/P.E.

Guardian Characters:
Guardian Chara(s): Chiyoe
Guardian Chara(s) Appearance: She has orange eyes and light brown hair tied up in high pigtails with pale yellow ribbons. She has a piece of cloth of the same color as the ribbons around her neck. She wears a short blue shirt with puffy sleeve and pink shirt under it. She has white suspenders that attach to her pale yellow shorts and go under the blue shirt. She has pink bows tied on her shorts and on her brown boots. She also has white thigh-high socks.
Guardian Chara(s) Personality(ies): Chiyoe is very artistic, like Nanase. She is often seen with a sketchbook, drawing whatever she sees. She is very cheerful, and hates seeing others sad. When she sees someone that is feeling down, she draws a picture for them to cheer them up. Chiyoe loves to smile and laugh, and she is often seen doing so. She always helps when someone is in need, and she is always willing to lend a listening ear. She seems to make friends with whoever she comes across.
Guardian Chara(s) Born From: Nanase's wish to make others happy with her art.
What color they speak in: #3399ff Blue

Character Change:
w/ Chiyoe
Accessory: The pale yellow cloth that Chiyoe wears around her neck.
Abilities: Her drawing ability is enhanced, and she is able to draw whatever makes a person happy. She can also summon a fairly large paintbrush that can be used for attacking purposes.
Personality: Her personality doesn't change all that much. She just becomes a better listener and she is able to help others more.

Character Transformation/Chara-nari:
Chiyoe - Grand Palette
Transformation's Abilities/Powers: She has a giant paintbrush, even larger than the one in her character change form. She can use this paintbrush to paint whatever she wants. She can paint tangible objects to use in fights, such as platforms, projectiles, and other weapons. She can't paint anything too large because it drains too much of her energy. She has an attack called Color Shot, which shoots multiple lines of rope-shaped paint out of her brush. The paint wraps around the target, entangling them. It can also be used to latch onto objects and either pull the object or pull Nanase. She also has an attack called Paint Splatter where she uses her paintbrush to send out splashes of colorful paint all over the ground in a circular pattern around the target. Paint rises up from the splatters in the shape of lines. It moves in an arc shape: high up in the air, then quickly smashes down on the target.
Appearace In Guardian Character's Form: She has on a red dress-like shirt that splits at her waist and trails down to her knees. It has gold lining and gold straps. There is an orangish-pink bow where it splits. She also has a high-waisted light red skirt with a single red stripe at the bottom. She has dark gray socks with two red stripes at the top and black shoes with a slight heel. The shoes have small bows on the top that are the same color as the bow on her shirt. Around her ankles, there are poofy white anklets. She has a bright red hat that looks somewhat like a beret. It has a small red line sticking out of the top and a gold bottom.
Transformation's Personality: In this form, she takes fighting more seriously. She doesn't mess around as much, but she is still optimistic and encouraging. She always fights to keep people happy. She has a very big and dramatic atmosphere about her, which is where she gets the "Grand" part of her Transformation name.
What color they type in: #6666ff Indigo

Favorite Food(s): Any sweets
Favorite Color(s): She loves all colors
Favorite Season(s): Spring and Summer

Guardian Character(s):
Guardians Character Egg(s):
Chiyoe's Egg:
Character Transformation(s):
Grand Palette:

Extra: Her name means "Seven currents." Chiyoe's name means "Everlasting painting."

Matsumoto Sanae/#98df62 - Tomo/#918151 - Etsu/#800000 - Clever Heart - Brave Heart - Guardians
Akitsu Minori/#c80815 - Kaze/#99ccff - Piercing Wind/#9966cc - Easter
Chiba Nanase/#ff99ff - Chiyoe/#3399ff - Grand Palette/#6666ff - Guardians
Okada Riko/#ffcc33 - Shiori/#ffffff - Silver Blade - Guardians
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Chiba Nanase
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