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A RP forum for the anime Shugo Chara. Make your own OC Guardian with their own Guardians Characters! Everyone is welcome!
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PostSubject: Okada Riko   Okada Riko I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 23, 2014 9:05 pm

Name (Last, First): Okada, Riko
Nicknames: Riko-chan, Okada-san, Sword Girl
Age: 11 (Sixth-year)
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Guardians

Appearance: Riko has long black hair that is always either kept down or up in a ponytail. She has a few bobby pins in her hair to keep some of her bangs back. She has yellow eyes. She wears the traditional Seiyo Academy uniform with only the middle button done on the blazer. She wears black shin-high boots and white socks that are a bit taller than the boots. She has a lean figure due to all the training she does.

Personality: Riko is very disciplined and mature. She is always calm and polite. She is very young for her grade, and she is younger than most of her classmates. She has a very serious, no-nonsense attitude, but she does know how to relax and have fun. She can be a bit reserved, but she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is very protective of the people she cares about. If anyone tries to hurt them, she gets really angry. But even when she's angry, she keeps her calm demeanor. A weird quirk she has is that she loves food. She eats a lot, and will never decline when offered food. She is very interesting in war history.

History (His/Her life Story): Riko grew up in a dojo that her family owns. The dojo had been around for multiple generations. She has a very close relationship with her father because he was the one that always trained her. Because she has been around her father a lot, she acts a lot like him. Her mother sometimes says she's a smaller, female version of him. She has had extensive training in martial arts and the use of a katana. Because of all her training, she is very disciplined.

One day when she was a fourth-year student, she was having a lot of trouble training. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't do her moves right. She wished with all her heart that she could get better and make her father proud, and she kept trying. She didn't stop until she had to go to sleep. When she woke up the next morning, she found an egg in her bed. It was Shiori's egg.

What color they speak in: #ffcc33 Yellow
Like(s): Training, her family and friends, food
Dislike(s): When people hurt her loved ones, when she doesn't understand something, seeing X-Eggs be made
Friend(s): Chiba Nanase (childhood friend)
Hobbie(s): Training in martial arts, training in the use of a sword, reading books on war history
Fear(s): That she won't be strong enough to protect people when they need her to.
Strengths: Has had extensive training, stays calm, is disciplined
Weaknesses: Can be targeted through the people she cares about, sometimes takes things too seriously, is reserved
Enemies: Optional, delete if not adding.

Goal/Motivation: To improve her skills and make her father proud.
Favorite Class: Gym/P.E., History
Most Hated Class: Art (she's just not good at it)

Parent(s): Okada Hitoshi (father), Okada Seira (mother)
Sibling(s): Okada Shigeru (older brother)
Pet(s): Mamoru (cat)

Guardian Characters:
Guardian Chara(s): Shiori
Guardian Chara(s) Appearance: Shiori has long white hair that is tied in low, loose pigtails with yellow bands. She has yellow eyes. She wears a simple white, sleeveless shirt. Over the shirt, she has a black vest-like thing that is tied with yellow scarves. She wears gray pants that are loosely tucked into the white wrap on her feet. She has small, dark gray shoes.
Guardian Chara(s) Personality(ies): She is very mature and disciplined. She has her own sort of ninja code that she follows. She is kind and courteous to all she meets. She always has a level-head and is always calm. She is also very wise and brave. Other Charas seem to look to her for guidance and to lead. She knows she has this role, and she embraces it.
Guardian Chara(s) Born From: Riko's dream to become a better fighter to make her father proud.
What color they speak in: #ffffff White

Character Change:
w/ Shiori
Accessory: A yellow scarf and one or two katanas
Abilities: She has heightened abilities in hand-to-hand combat and the use of a sword. She becomes more agile and quick.
Personality: Her personality doesn't change much since she and Shiori are so much alike. If anything, she becomes wiser and braver.

Character Transformation/Chara-nari:
Silver Blade
Transformation's Abilities/Powers: She gets one or two katanas that she can use exceptionally well. She can make attacks and block attacks with the swords. She can move with incredible agility and speed. She has an attack called Quick Slash, which is a ranged attack where she slashes the air and a blade made of air hits the target. She has another attack called Blade Dance where she uses her swords to rapidly slash at the enemy multiple times.
Appearance In Guardian Character's Form: Her black hair is tied up in a high ponytail. She has a short, short-sleeved red dress with an open chest and a slit down the left side. Yellow criss-crossed straps can be seen through the open spot in the chest of the dress. She has short dark red shorts under the dress. She has on black thigh-high socks and dark red boots that go up to her shins. She has dark red fingerless gloves with a circle cut out of the top of the hand.
Transformation's Personality: She acts much like she usually does, but she is more serious. She takes fighting very serious. She is usually silent because she is concentrating.
What color they type in: #ffcc33 Yellow

Favorite Food(s): She loves all foods, but her favorite is taiyaki
Favorite Color(s): Yellow
Favorite Season(s): Autumn

Guardian Character(s):
Guardians Character Egg(s):
Character Transformation(s):
Silver Blade:

Matsumoto Sanae/#98df62 - Tomo/#918151 - Etsu/#800000 - Clever Heart - Brave Heart - Guardians
Akitsu Minori/#c80815 - Kaze/#99ccff - Piercing Wind/#9966cc - Easter
Chiba Nanase/#ff99ff - Chiyoe/#3399ff - Grand Palette/#6666ff - Guardians
Okada Riko/#ffcc33 - Shiori/#ffffff - Silver Blade - Guardians
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