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PostSubject: Ryuusei Akitsu (W.I.P)   Ryuusei Akitsu (W.I.P) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 26, 2013 4:22 am

Name (Last, First): Akitsu, Ryuusei
Nicknames: Ryuusei (by family), Ryuu-kun (by childhood friends), Meteor (as Easter employee), Walking Iceberg (by some of his friends at school)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Easter Company

Appearance: Ryuusei has a short ear-lengthed black hair and a pair of whitish orange eyes. For the style of clothing, Ryuusei usually can be seen wearing his high school uniform when he was at school. And when he was outside of school, he usually can be seen with different fashionable casual clothes everyday. For a guy, he also looks younger and he is a bit shorter for a guy his age. Ryuusei only has 156.7 cm for his height and it's only 52.3 kg for his weight. As for when he's doing his field job as an Easter employee, he usually can be seen wearing a golden mask with a few tints of red on it.

Personality: Ryuusei is, like one of his nicknames, a walking iceberg. Although he is actually a kind-hearted guy who has a caring demeanour towards his siblings and anyone he hold dear, he is reserved and he did not like to talk much with other people. He is not an arrogant guy. However, he is shy and he has the tendency to spend his time alone reading a book or listening to the musics via his CD player rather than chatting with other people.

History (His/Her life Story): Ryuusei were born sixteen years ago in Minato, Tokyo as the second son of Akitsu family. His father is a doctor and his mother is a teacher. He also has one older sister and two younger brothers/sisters and their names are Kyo, Minori, and _____ Akitsu. He also has a childhood friend, and her name is Suzuno.

Since he was a child, he loves to read books. Especially story books. And it has been his dream to become a scientist. However, it also has a downside. All his friends call him nerds. It was one year ago, that Ryuusei become Easter employee. That day, there is a transfer student coming to his school. His name is Chihaya, and he has just move there one day before. Because Ryuusei is the class representative back then, he was asked by the teacher to accompany him so that he can adjust to the school.

However, it was only for a short time. But unbenkowns to Ryuusei, his new friend Chihaya is an evil guy. He (Chihaya) works for Easter and his initial reason to come to the town where Ryuusei live is because he (Chihaya) has heard that there are four siblings who has a four element based characters.


What color they speak in: Tea Rose
Like(s): Reading, listening to musics, sakura mochi, curry rice,
Dislike(s): Bean curds,
Crush(s): N/A
Friend (s): Suzuno Asakura (childhoodfriend), Chihaya (childhood friend)
Hobbie(s): Reading, listening to music, go fishing
Fear(s): Dark places
Strengths: Loyal, caring,
Weaknesses: Shy and can not honest with his own self. He is also a doubtfull guy
Enemies: Guardians

Goal/Motivation: His wish to become more bold and fun
Job: Easter employee; First year student of a local high school.
Favorite Class: History, musics, science, computer
Most Hated Class: none, in particular

Parent(s): Shizuki Akitsu (father), Tsukiko Akitsu (mother)
Sibling(s): Kyo Akitsu (older sister), Minori Akitsu (younger sister), ______ Akitsu (younger brother/sister)
Relative(s): n/a
Pet(s): Gonta (Siberian Dog)

Guardian Characters:
Guardian Chara(s): Kasai
Guardian Chara(s) Appearance: For a guardian chara who represent the Fire element, is a bit different. Because, his appearance does not represent fire at all. He has a has spiky, short black coloured hair. And he also has a pair of orange eyes. He also slender body. As for the outfit, he is usually can be seen wearing a military captain's uniform with a red, white and gold colors on it

Guardian Chara(s) Personality(ies): Kasai is a wild and bold Guardian Character. However, he is also a fun and crazy Chara. He likes to do stunts and play pranks on people. Kasai usually doesn't think about the consequences of his actions before he does the action himself

Guardian Chara(s) Born From: Ryuusei's wish to become more bold and fun.
What color they speak in: Melon

Character Change:
w/ [Kasai]
Accessory: the sword that were carried by Kasai
Abilities: Kasai has the ability to manipulate fires
Personality: In his chara-nari, Ryuusei will become a true fighter. He will become more daring, and will accept any challenges and he will not run away from a fight when it has started. Except when he knows that he will lose that fight

Character Transformation/Chara-nari:
Kasai: Stealthy Blaze
Transformation's Abilities/Powers:

  • Ice-Fire Manipulation
    The ability manipulate fires of freezing temperatures. The fire is so cold and with this ability, Ryuusei is capable of freeze the target with ice burns that are more severe than normal burns.
  • Thermal Manipulation
    The ability to control temperature. With this ability, Ryuusei is capable to manipulate the kinetic energy in atoms to produce a variety of effects. Including heating objects until they melt and altering the temperature of the places around him

Appearace In Guardian Character's Form: when he is in his Guardian character's form, Ryuusei is taller than his real form. He also looks like a bit older. His hair will become more red and his orange colored right eye will be changed into a lighter shade of green.

Transformation's Personality: Ryuusei will become more badass than his personality than he is in his Character change when he transform, but he also become a heroic villain at the same time.

What color they type in: Briliant Green


Favorite Food(s): sushi, oden, ramen
Favorite Color(s): yellow
Favorite Season(s): Autumn, although he also like Spring and Summer


Guardian Character(s):


Guardians Character Egg(s):

Kasai's Egg form:

Character Transformation(s):

Shadow Blaze:

Extra: N/A[/center]
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Ryuusei Akitsu (W.I.P)
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