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A RP forum for the anime Shugo Chara. Make your own OC Guardian with their own Guardians Characters! Everyone is welcome!
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:14 pm

Here at Shugo Chara RP, we try to let everyone do their own thing. There are some rules we have to enforce, though.

1. Be nice to everyone. Any kind of bullying will not be tolerated. Remember the Gold Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

2. Please do not spam. This means don't post a bunch of times on the same thread. It's annoying.

3. You can have as many characters on one account that you want. Since you can have as many as you want, please don't make more than one account. One per person please.

4. Do not argue with admins/moderators if they give you a warning. Just take it like a man and try to do better next time.

5. Do not break a rule, then say "you didn't know it was a rule." The rules are stated clearly here.

6. There are no exceptions to these rules. This means you can be given a warning no matter what rank you are. Even admins can be warned.

7a. Keep the swearing at a minimum. It is allowed, but an excess of it will result in a warning.

7b. How much is an excess of swearing, you ask? Keep it to once or twice per post. But don't swear once or twice every post you make. Every other post, if you can help it.

8. Listen to the admins and moderators when they tell you something. They most likely know what they're talking about (considering that they're admins and moderators), so just do what they say.

9. If you have an issue with a rule on this list, tell an admin or moderator! That's what they're there for!

10. Do not RP with a character until it is accepted.

Warning System

The warning system is based loosely around a "3 strikes you're out" system.

If you break one of the rules stated above, you will get a warning.

One warning (depending on the severity of the rule breaking) will result in an admin or moderator explaining what you did wrong, then saying you have one warning.

Two warnings will result in your roleplaying privileges being taken away for two days. You will not be allowed to roleplay for two days. The people you are RPing with are not expected to wait for you. Though you cannot RP, you can still post in the OOC section.

Three warnings will result in your account being banned. The duration on the ban is dependent on what the admin/moderator thinks.

If you come back from a ban and get another warning, your account will be banned for a longer amount of time. This will keep going for however long it needs to.

Please tell an admin or moderator if someone is breaking a rule! Much appreciated! (:

NOTE: Rules are subject to change.
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General Rules
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