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 Using Power-ups

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PostSubject: Using Power-ups   Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:37 pm

When I say power-ups, I mean the purchases that are called "Temporary [instert power here] Boost." Like Temporary Attack Boost.

It should be stated that these are not tangible items that your character actually owns. They cannot be physically used by your character. They are something that you as the RPer use.

If you want to use one of these power-ups, you simply have to say it out of character. It can be something as simple as (Using Temporary Attack Boost). But it has to be said. If you don't say it, then your RPing partner(s) won't know you used it. You can't just say you used it in the post after. If you do that, your RPing partners have full permission to completely ignore you.

Another thing that is SUPER IMPORTANT.

They are called temporary power-ups for a reason! You cannot use a power-up for posts and posts on end! You can use your power-up for a total of 2-3 posts per fight (This makes sure you don't spam it during a fight). That is counting the post where you first say you are using a power-up. When you stop using a power-up, make sure you point it out. Just say something like (No longer using Temporary Attack Boost) to let your RPing partners know that they don't have to take more damage or something.

I shouldn't have to say this, but just in case... you cannot use a power-up unless you have purchased it in the marketplace and an admin or moderator has acknowledged it.

Now, explanations on what the power-ups do. It's pretty self-explanatory, but I'll say it anyways.

Temporary Attack Boost - Your character's attack power is increased. Opponents take more damage. NOTE: This does not make every attack a one-hit KO. Canceled out if opponent uses Temporary Defense Boost.

Temporary Defense Boost - Your character's defense is increased. Your character takes less damage. NOTE: This does not mean your character takes no damage. Canceled out if opponent uses Temporary Attack Boost.

Temporary Speed Boost - Your character's speed is increased. Enemy attacks are easier to dodge. NOTE: This does not mean your character dodges all attacks! It's is just easier to dodge. Canceled out if opponent uses Temporary Homing.

Temporary Homing - Your character's attacks have more homing. This means they are more likely to hit. NOTE: This does not mean all attacks hit! There is still a chance for attacks to miss. Canceled out if opponent uses Temporary Speed Boost.
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Using Power-ups
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